Daily Rental- Terms and Conditions Description
S. No. Cancellation Done Percentage of deduction on Total Rental amount
1 Prior to 48 hours from rental time 0%
2 Within 24 - 48 hours from rental time 3%
3 Within 4 - 24 hours from rental time 50%
4 Within 0 - 4 hours from rental time 100%
5 No show 100%
No show In case of No-Show no amount will be refunded to the User -
Cleanliness Company does not allow the Vehicle to be used to carry pets, goods or any other object which can annihilate the upholstery/any of the vehicles. In such event, the User will be charged on the actual cost towards repairing/cleaning of interior / exterior of vehicle.
Replacement Car Replacement Vehicle shall be provided within a city limits only (Subject to availability of similar segment in the city) in all such cases where in a Vehicle develops mechanical error and restrain the User from its use. In a case, where in Vehicle develops such error outside the city limit, replacement Vehicle will not be provided and amount equivalent to agreed rental will be charged. Company decision related to replacement vehicle will be final.
Fuel For Chauffeur driven cars, fuel is inclusive of the selected rental package.
Cancellation Reservation need to be cancelled through Website or Mobile APP
Extra Time Extra Hours will be applicable after 30 minutes over the basic package selected by the renter.
Parking & Tolls Parking and toll charges to be borne by the customer. On Extra Usage the cost of Extra hour and/or Extra KMs will be charged.
  • Airport & Railway Transfer : If the transfer time exceeds 4 hours, an extension maximum Upto 1 hour is available with guest with no extra charge. Post extension INR 200/hour will be charged for any extra usage.
  • Outstation Travel : Outstation Travel does not include one way rentals and Kilometers will be calculated from the city of origin.
  • If the travel exceeds 250 kms in a day then extra kilometers will be charged depending on the car model.
  • If the travel exceeds beyond 24hrs then and extension of 1 hour is available to the guest with no extra charge. Post extension 1 day rental will be charged on daily basis depending on the car model.
  • Local/Within City Travel : If the travel exceeds beyond the booked package the customer will be billed for extra usage. Extra usage will be billed on extra hour rate of the booked car category. Every extra hour has 10KMs. Any usage beyond the packaged KM in the hour will be billed at extra KM rate. Illustration:
    • Guest books a ride for 5hours/50kms (refer below example)
      Car Booked: Honda City
      Extra Hour rate (includes10 KMs): Rs 350
      Extra KM rate: Rs 22
      • Case 1 :
        Usage Exceeds 5 Hrs:
               Actual Usage: 7Hr & 65KMs
               Extra Usage: 2 Extra Hrs. and no extra KMs
               Extra Payable: 350*2 = Rs 700
      • Case 2 :
        Usage exceeds 5hrs/50 kms:
               Actual Usage: 7Hr & 85KMs
               Extra Usage: (2 Extra Hrs) and (15 extra KMs)
               Extra Payable: (350*2) + (15*22) =Rs 1030
Modify Bookings Revised bookings cannot be cancelled or refunded & an additional payment of INR 1 has to be paid to confirm the changes after which the previous booking will be annulled.
If the revised amount is greater than the previous amount, the additional amount has to be paid firsthand & if the amount is lesser, the due amount will be refunded after the booking period.
For Self-drive can modify: Booking Period, End Date & Time, Delivery Address, City and Car.  
For Chauffeur drive user can modify: Booking Period, Reporting Address, City, Car and Service Type (Airport Transfer/Within City/Outstation/One Way Transfer).