As one of the most Reliable and safest providers of corporate employee transportation in India, we take pride in delivering cost effective, safe, secure, and comfortable rides to our clients. We have achieved number of milestones and successfully maintained almost 100% client retention through our impeccable quality of Employee Transportation Services.

Professional life is not limited only to the interior of companies. The issue of moving to the workplace sometimes creates a series of problems that could easily be avoided by hiring an employee transportation services for workers. Therefore, transportation for employees has become a priority for many companies in the present time. So, what are the advantages of having a service of such characteristics?

Mangalore Cab Services is the largest company for transporting personnel to different work sites. We provide personnel transport services for the industrial sector. Our corporates value our ability to transport their most precious resources safely and effectively. We work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are proud of our extensive fleet of vehicles operated by transport professionals with extensive experience.

We take all precautions, not only in the maintenance of our fleet, but also ensure that our drivers are well trained to make rides best in safety and comfort. Mangalore Cab Services manages, upkeeps and maintains all the required documentation.

We understand the needs of modern companies operating in this vital sector of our economy and manoeuvre our experience to help these organizations, with their daily challenges in the management of employee transportation services in Bangalore; we are continuously investigating ways to keep up with them at the forefront.

The caravan of vehicles can be monitored at any time through the website of the organization, for this, the GPS devices installed in each vehicle, sends information to the route capture system with an update of 1 to 4 seconds, thereby obtaining an excellent precision when viewing the recorded routes, this provides efficiency in the decision making and ways of action in the face of possible problems en route. They register, among others, the schedules of position, speeds of displacement, displacements according to pre-established routes, schedules of start and arrival to destination, number of passengers transported, and occupationally of the mobiles.

Advantages for corporate employee transportation:

  • • Corporate employee transportation service helps avoid the stress that sometimes causes traffic congestion.
  • • During the journey, they do not have to be on the road and, if needed, they can spend time preparing the day, checking the mail, or relaxing to start the workday, thus increasing productivity.
  • • It decreases, for each employee, both the cost of maintaining the car and the risk of having an accident, which becomes much less.
  • • Hence ,the journey is much comfortable and safer.
Advantages of hiring our services:
  • • Increase productivity and motivation of the human group.
  • • Improvement of the business portfolio of the corporate organizations due to the inclusion of a service that favors the welfare of workers and the environment.
  • • Reduces the absenteeism to increase the timeliness of the template.

In short, employee transport is beneficial, on the one hand, for employees and the company in question and, on the other, for society in general, as there is less likelihood of traffic jams, pollution is reduced and, above all, Greater accessibility, punctuality and comfort are guaranteed. In Mangalore Cab Services we have a caravan of buses with different sizes, as well as some of them are even adapted for people with reduced mobility.